Review: What the Bleep Do We Know!? (2004)


Directed by: William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente | 109 minutes | drama, comedy, animation, science fiction, documentary | Actors: Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, Barry Newman, Robert Bailey Jr., John Ross Bowie, Armin Shimerman, Robert Blanche, David Albert, Marsha Clark, Eric Newsome, Dawnn Pavlonnis, Candace Perth, Ramtha, Mercedes Rose, Jeffrey Satinover, Jeff S. Dodge, Carol Stanzione, Leslie Taylor, William Tiller, Tin Tran, Tara Walker, Fred Alan Wolf, William Joseph Elk III, Evan Jacobs, Casper Van Dien

“What the Bleep Do We Know !?” was a minor success in the United States. The film with a catchy title is a mixture of story, documentary and special effects. With lyrics such as Its time to get wise and discover the film that opens your eyes to new possibilities! this DVD promises something. Lighting to be precise. Well-known deaf actress Marlee Matlin is someone whose talents have been proven. However, an important side note is that the three directors of this movie belong to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. The word propaganda occurs to many, although the experts only introduce themselves at the end.

In the story, we follow Amanda (Matlin), a divorced photographer whose life has been turned upside down since her husband cheated on her. She ends up in what the makers of the film call the quantum dimension (in this everything is connected). Strange events and circumstances lead Amanda to see things differently. Using computer animations and spectacular (and sometimes hilarious) special effects, the quantum physical world as the makers see it is revealed. Amanda comes to a deeper wisdom. Where she has been a victim of circumstances up to now, she becomes the creative force of her life.

It sounds pretty woolly and it is. How do you make such material (regardless of whether the viewer agrees or disagrees) accessible or at least entertaining to a large audience? By letting them think for themselves. Unfortunately, the film is laced with commentary from the scientists and mystics. The film raises interesting questions. What is reality, why are we here, who or what is God, are thoughts conditioned? Unfortunately, the answers to this are given by the speakers without leaving much room for interpretation by the viewer. This was probably the intention of the makers, but it becomes quite annoying when they break in every now and then to let their wisdom spilled out. No, we would rather see more of Amanda in her Alice-in-Wonderland quest instead of the opinions of people who never back it up with actually showing and describing scientific experiments.

The idea of ​​conditioning thoughts is nicely illustrated by the Native Americans who were initially unable to see Columbus’s boats at sea because their brains could not locate the image.

The spiritually inspiring movie What the Bleep Do We Know !? pretends to be it is not. With all the talk, it will be a long time even for patient viewers. By the way, Matlin doesn’t really do badly as someone in a constant state of wonder. We would have liked to have seen more story around her. This kind of fuzzy food should be presented subtly and preferably lightly. Subtlety is lacking and humor is misplaced here.

The film concludes that everyone is a God with creative power, through thoughts he or she can create everything and at the same time enjoy this process. On this basis, the majority of viewers will use their thoughts to turn this movie into something more fun.

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