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Review: Two Tigers (2007)

Directed by: | 85 minutes | , | Actors: , , ,

A with two sexy ladies in the lead, one of which is an assassin, entitled ‘Two Tigers’ must mean a lot of spicy, explosive action, in addition to an abundance of eye candy. This is unfortunately disappointing. Nobody expects originality and high quality with this, at the very least, b-product, but is a little speed and good action too much to ask? The majority of the actors are poorly cast and act lousy, the script has no tension in spite of Gilda’s potentially exciting profession, the “exotic” location is barely exploited, and the story is simply too boring to capture the viewer’s attention. to hold. Apart from the beautiful ladies themselves, there is really no reason to watch ‘Two Tigers’.

It’s an interesting mix: An Italian director who uses a cast of Chinese, Hungarian and American actors in hypermodern Shanghai to create an eclectic whole. It is not clear what the starting point of Cecca was, but the quality of the actors does not seem to have been high on his list. Leading actress Andrea Osvárt is still doing reasonably well in her textless scenes, but as soon as she opens her mouth, the illusion is broken because of her poorly convincing English. The rest of the cast only hangs a bit, each of them mediocre actors saddled with one-dimensional characters.

The story of the hit man who is on the run and faces moral dilemmas is of course not new, but at the very least it is to be expected that some tension will be generated on this subject. However, little of this is noticeable. The film begins with a murder of Gilda without any dramatic build-up, and when she chases her next victim in Shanghai, she clumsily lets him slip through her fingers at first, only to finish him off at the next opportunity without causing much tension or tension. follows or precedes danger. And she really has nothing more to do. She meets her neighbor who is a call girl and has her own problems, but there is little chemistry between the two and the moments when the two are involved in fight scenes together are disappointing because there are very few actual blows and kicks shown. Only a little quick editing and the result of the blows – an opponent lying on the ground – should hide the fact that the ladies cannot actually fight.

Although the fights are disappointing, the ladies are very active in another physical area. Every so often a sex scene needs to be inserted or a bare chest shown to keep the movie interesting. This may have been the only reason for making the film, as it seems to be the only element in the print that the director pays a lot of attention to. Free shower scenes and lovemaking are a big constant in the film. Not that they are erotically exciting, because there is hardly any question of mutual chemistry between the sex partners. It’s probably more exciting to watch ’s voiced tigress in ‘Kung Fu Panda’ than watching ‘Two Tigers’.

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