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Review: Trippin (1999)

Director: David Raynr | 94 minutes | comedy | Actors: , , Guy Torry, Maia Campbell, , Harold Sylvester, , , Michael Warren, , , Dartanyan Edmonds, , Charles Walker, , , , , Sacha Kemp, Kamau Holloway, , Shondrella Avery, Renee Kelly, Clyde Jones, Daniel White, Sal Rendino, , Arvie Lowe Jr., Marc Abraham

Gregory Reed (Deon Richmond) or ‘G’ is ‘tripping’ all day, meaning daydreaming. The lap swan is in the last year of high school and does not know yet what he will do next. He and his friends are also more concerned with the upcoming prom than their future. Greg’s parents are on his roof sending application forms to universities. He’s more concerned with finding a date. When he falls for the beautiful and intelligent Cinny, Greg changes. This mediocre to bad comedy alternates reality and dreams, which is often annoying. In his dreams Greg is ‘the man’, it is wealth and half-naked women what the clock strikes. Even at the table where there is a lot of shouting, Greg dreams about the ‘honeys’ and the ‘money’.

Actor Deon Richmond started acting at a very young age. He starred in the TV series ‘The Cosby Show’ (1984-1992) and ‘Sister, Sister’ (1994-1999) and was in ‘Scream 3’ (2000) and ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ (2001). The character of Greg does not affect you much, it is only late in the that the lazy thunder becomes more sympathetic. His womanizing friend June is played by Donald Faison. The actor is known as Murray from the movie and series ‘Clueless’ and the series ‘Scrubs’ (2001). It’s a little meaningful role. As well as that of less handsome friend Fish (Guy Torry). The handsome Maia Campbell is as Cinny the nicest character or perhaps her all ‘disdating’ niece (Countess Vaughn) Anetta. Furthermore, Anthony Anderson from ‘Scary Movie 4’ () is in it as a stupid crook and has a cameo role.

The story is corny and the jokes are flat, sometimes nauseous and rarely funny. In ‘She’s All That’ (1999) the fear of life after high school is elaborated much better. In that film there is a balance between good jokes and the serious work (the teenage ). Plus point is Greg’s attitude towards the end of the movie. But ‘Trippin’ remains a simple film with some nudity and crude language.

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