Review: Eddie’s Life Coach (2017)


Eddie’s Life Coach (2017)

Directed by: Guy-Laurent Homsy, Scott Mosier | 4 minutes | animation, short film, comedy, family | Original voice cast: John C. Reilly, Laraine Newman, Brad Morris, Tara Strong, Carlos Alazraqui, Bill Farmer

‘Eddie’s Life Coach’ is the third – and least enjoyable – short film that is included as an extra on the DVD and Blu-ray of ‘Sing’. In this short animation film, Eddie finally has to do something about his life. She orders him headphones with motivational assignments from Garry ‘The Winner’ Wishmann (Brad Morris). When Eddie, after all his toil, has to pay extra money to receive his certificate, he decides to seek redress from Garry. That is very different from what he thought.

Like “Love at First Sight,” the second short film, “Eddie’s Life Coach” is actually more suited to adults than kids. A concept such as ‘life coach’ goes beyond the frame of reference of a child. In addition, Eddie wasn’t the most popular character in ‘Sing’ either and was mainly present in the background. Not really obvious to make an extra short film about him.

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