Full Movie: Hawas Ki Raat l Jeet Upendra, Satnam Kaur l 2001


Hawas Ki Raat l Jeet Upendra, Satnam Kaur l 2001

Synopsis : Story is based on the DEV DAASI Tradition that how a women is exploited by the so called capable and rich men of the society. MAYA is a beautiful young girl of a DEV DAASI Traditional one after another MAYA is also becoming DEV DAASI. From her childhood Maya has been mentally and physically exploitation of her mother how ruthlessly her mother has been treated in the name of custom, tradition & religion. Haria, is a servant of Mukhia, who is always tight tongued never uttered a word against Mukhia. Shyam son of Haria comes home after completing his studies from Town and falls in love with Maya.

Director: Kailash Churi
Producer: Suresh Jain
Music: Navin Shivram
Main Cast: Jeet Upendra, Satnam Kaur, Iqbal Bhai, Sweety… more
Genre: Adult
Release: May 11, 2001

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