Full Movie: Aag l Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Kamini Kaushal l 1948

Aag l Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Kamini Kaushal l 1948

Synopsis : Kewal Khanna(Raj Kapoor) who loves a girl name Nimmi in their childhood, often enact plays with each other. Since then Kewal only loves drama, theatre & acting . But life takes a turn & Nimmi goes very far away from Kewal, when they were just 10 years of age. When Kewal grows up, his father wants him to become a lawyer as he was a lawyer, too. But he was not at all interested in studies as he was only passionate about the theatre & drama. Due to this, he flunked in the college examination. He then decided not to study any further. His father expelled him from their family. With no money in his pocket, he began to search for his fortune. After some days, in a very bad condition he landed up in a closed theatre which was a full in junk. The owner of the theatre Rajan (Prem Seth) who was a painter by profession gave him a chance after seeing the passion in his heart for theatre & drama. He decided to reopen the theatre & work as a friend in a partnership. With lots of hard work & great efforts, they became very popular & decided to bring one extremely extraordinary play name”Aag”. For that, they were searching for their heroine & Nimmi (Nargis) entered the scene. Kewal fell in love with her & gave her name as ‘Nimmi’. After spending some time with each other. Nimmi also falls in love with Kewal. But Kewal got to knew that his friend Rajan loves her a lot & she was only in love with the face & charm of Kewal. So he decided to sacrifice his love in the favour of his friend & also to test Nimmi’s love in front of him, Kewal burnt his face & also stopped the play Aag. Now will Nimmi accept Kewal with a burnt face? Will Kewal get back his childhood love Nimmi? Watch this famous directional debut film by Raj Kapoor.

Director:Raj Kapoor
Producer:Raj Kapoor
Music:Ram Ganguly
Main Cast:Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Kamini Kaushal, Indumati… more

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