Full Movie: Tamasha l Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar l 1952

Tamasha l Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar l 1952

Synopsis : Rai Bahadur Durlabhchands grandson Dilip was in love with a dancing girl Nayantara whose one ambition in life was to play the leading lady in a motion picture. With the help of her clever mummy and a not-so-clever Film Director she prevailed upon Dilip to start a film production concern for her. . Rai Bahadur decided to save his grandson from the clutches of this unscrupulous gang. He asked his grandson not to meet Nayantara any more. The grandson told him a lie. He said he was no longer in love with Nayantara but with someone else, a girl belonging to a good family and studying in a college. But Rai Bahadur was not deceived. . So, Rai Bahadur pretended illness. A serious illness of the heart. Doctors were called and it was their unanimous opinion that his life was in danger. Further Rai Bahadur declared that he would not take any medicine unless he saw the face of that good and noble college girl with whom his grandson was in love. . Dilip rushed to Nayantara and told her about his grandfathers resolution and announced with great regret that the only way left to him was to find out a decent girl and take the blessing of the dying old man and later on marry her. . It did not take long for Nayantara to win him over with a few drops of tears. It was decided that the Director would be help Dilip to find out a girl who could for the time being play the role of the girl with whom Dilip was supposed to be in love. . Dilip brought Kiran to Rai Bahadur promising to pay her Rs. 500/- if she kept her part of the bargain and not spill the beans. Rai Bahadur was overjoyed to see her. He also saw through the game. He also came to know that Kiran though poor in circumstances was the daughter of a friend of his who was dead. . After sometime Kiran took leave of the dying Rai Bahadur. Outside Dilip was waiting for her. Kiran threw away 500 rupee notes which Dilip sought to give her. She was angry with Dilip for having deceived such a noble old man. . Next day, the noble man who was not really ill, again had a heart attack and sent for his prospective daughter-in-law. Kiran even was offered a post in the household of Rai Bahadur and was cajoled by the old Rai Bahadur to accept the job of looking after the house. Daily the hero and the heroine were thrown together in strange circumstances on a criss-cross pattern of life. And the misunderstandings grew. But love also grew. . But Nayantara was no ordinary dancing girl. She loved not Dilip but Ashok Kumar the famous film actor, but for the sake of Dilips money she wanted to marry him. It was to be a marriage of convenience. . Once, Dilip was manoeuvred to stay back at Nayantaras house for several days in Bombay while actually he was supposed to attend a marriage in Delhi. . During his forced stay, he saw through the treachery of Nayantara & decided to quit. But the mummy told him that his position was now compromised beyond repair in the eyes of all. Had he not stayed with them it would have been a different matter. But now he will have to marry Nayantara or she will drag him to the court. . Rai Bahadur arranged Dilips marriage with Kiran. Dilip now loved the heroine with great tenderness, but he was horrified to think what will happen if Nayantara really carried out of her threat. . And Nayantara and her mother were no fools. They decided to approach the Rai Bahadur on the day of the marriage and threaten him with blackmail. The mummy declared that if his marriage was not immediately cancelled and her daughters marriage arranged with Dilip, then she will take the matter to the court.

Director: Phani Majumdar
Music: Khemchad Prakash, Manna Dey
Main Cast: Dev Anand, Meena Kumari, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Sunalini Devi, Bipin Gupta, Kaushalya… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Bombay Talkies
Release: 1952

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