Full Movie: Mangal Dada l Sunil Dutt, Reena Roy l 1986

Mangal Dada l Sunil Dutt, Reena Roy l 1986

Synopsis : Mangal Dada is the story of a golden hearted dada who has no other obligation or responsibility in the world except his only sister, Geeta. The only entertainment in his life except for an occasional drink is the local street dancer Laxmi, with whom his verbal duet is as much entertainment to his as it is to the others. Once, when local landlord Pratap’s goons tease Laxmi, Mangal beats them black and blue and is arrested and sentence for a year and a half. Now Laxmi realises her love for Mangal and Geeta is forced to work for survival at Pratap’s place, where Pratap;s sister Neetu is quiet friendly with Geeta. Seeting a suitable chance Pratap rapes Geeta. Geeta rushes to commit suicide, but is saved by Laxmi, who in turn promises Geeta that she will not tell anything to her brother Mangal. Time passes. Then sudddenly Geeta realizes that she is pregnant and her brother is to come back from jail very soon. She goes to Pratap who refuses to accept responsibility. Frightened of the possibility of facing the brother in this condition, she commits suicide on the day, Mangal is due from jail. Mangal comes home happy and is shocked to know of the tragedy. He catches hold of Pratap and drags him to the burying pyre of his sister and hammers him up. He brings him to a point, where he could kill him but doesn’t. A quick death would be no punishment. Pratap must suffer as Mangal had suffered. Mangal takes an oath to do the same to Prataps sister what Pratap did to his sister. And now it was Neetu’s turn.

Director: Ramesh Gupta
Producer: Manu Karamchandani
Music: Kalyanji-Anandji
Main Cast: Sunil Dutt, Bhagwan, Reena Roy, Amjad Khan… more
Genre: Action
Release: Aug 01, 1986

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