Full Movie: Shreeman Funtoosh l Kishore Kumar, Kumkum l 1965

Shreeman Funtoosh l Kishore Kumar, Kumkum l 1965

Synopsis : Kishore, also known as Funtoosh to his friends and family, is an unemployed loafer who falls in love with the pretty Meena. Meena’s father is a crazy, but kind, scientist working on a secret formula being sponsored by an evil businessman whose son is also in love with Meena. When Kishore stumbles upon the scientists basement lab he is zapped by iron rays which turn him into a semi-hulking strongman. Later his superpowers wear off and he begins to shrink at a very rapid rate. A rare Bollywood foray into the science fiction genre done up as a comedy with the usual song and dance numbers.

Director : Shantilal Soni
Producer : S.B. Productions
Writer : Pandit R. Priyadarshi
Music : Laxmikant Pyarelal
Cast : Kishore Kumar, Kumkum, Anoop Kumar
Genre: Comedy
Banner: S. B. Productions
Release: 1965

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