Full Movie: Farz l Jeetendra, Babita l 1967

Farz l Jeetendra, Babita l 1967

Synopsis : Secret Agent Gopal has been assigned to solve the homicide of a fellow secret agent. During this investigation, Gopal meets with lovely Sunita, and both end up falling in love with each other. When Sunita introduces him to her dad, Gopal gets suspicious about him, and commences a background check, which reveal that her father is a gangster. The question is will Sunita believe him when he tells her about her dad; will she continue to have a relationship with him even if she does believe him; and most of all how will she accept the fact that Gopal was not using her to solve his case.

Director: Ravikant Nagaich
Producer: Sunderlal Nahta
Main Cast: Jeetendra, Babita, Aruna Irani, Mohan Choti.
Genre: Social
Banner: Vijayalaxmi Pictures
Release: 1967

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