Full Movie: Sagina (English Subtitles) l Dilip Kumar, Aparna Sen l 1974


Sagina (English Subtitles) l Dilip Kumar, Aparna Sen l 1974

Synopsis : This story happened in the period of 1942-43, the time when the British Empire was breathing its last. It shows the fascist cause as well. Sagina Mahato (Dilip Kumar) is a worker who has always raised his voice against harrassment. He also raises his voice against the British Company Management. Lalita (Saira Banu) also helps him in his mission. Gurum (Om Prakash) who had worked for the last 30 years in the company, was removed from service as he refused to supply girls to the management. One company officer rapes Sagina’s friend fiancee. These two incidents make Sagina declare a strike. The Socialist national leader Aniruddha Babu (Marul) and Vishakha (Aparna Sen) also join the movement. Aniruddha Babu appoints Sagina as a ‘Welfare Officer’ and signs an agreement which contains the demands of the workers. In reality, however, the agreement does not help the workers in improving their day to day problems. There is a loss of power for Aniruddha Babu. Vishakha murders Aniruddha Babu .Then Sagina wearied with charges against him and with the help of Lalita, continues the movement.

Director: Tapan Sinha
Producer: J. K. Kapoor
Music: S. D. Burman
Main Cast: Dilip Kumar, Aparna Sen, Anil Chatterjee, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay… more
Genre: Social
Release: Jul 26, 1974

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