Full Movie: Purani Pehchaan l Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja l 1971


Purani Pehchaan l Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja l 1971

Synopsis : Sandhya, a collegian, who has lost her parents and is being looked after by her Uncle. Nothing is lacking in her life except that she is victim of a horrible disfigured face, which occasionally appears in front of Sandhya and she always gets frightened. Sandhya comes across a young doctor, Prabhat, who falls in love with her during her treatment. One day when both of them are boating in the Dall Lake, Sandhya sees the same horrible face and she screams but the face vanishes. Doctor Prabhat asks Sandhya’s Uncle for her hand, and on the Birthday night the same face appears in front of Sandhya. She attacks with a knife on that and kills the woman with that face. Sandhya is taken as mad.

Director: Kewal Mishra
Music: Bhushan
Main Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Tanuja… more
Banner: Durga Films
Release: 1971

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