Full Movie: Paying Guest l Dev Anand, Nutan l 1957

Paying Guest l Dev Anand, Nutan l 1957

Synopsis : Ramesh is an young advocate who comes to stay as a paying guest in Shanti’s house. Ramesh & Shanti fall in love. Shanti’s brother-in-law is an alcholic & a corrupt person. One day Prakash,the brother-in-law comes to visit to the house. Shanti’s father dislikes Prakash very much due to his alchohol addiction. One day Shanti’s father gets a heart attack in the middle of an argument & dies. Shanti’s friend Chanchal who is quite mercenary marries advocate Dayal. But after marriage she feels lonely because of the advocate’s busy schedule. Shanti after her father’s death takes up a job in a professional theater to maintain their livelihood. Prakash starts conspiring against the family. Chanchal introduces Ramesh to advocate Dayal and the latter gets a job in his firm. But Chanchal tries to get close to Dayal which leads to misunderstands between Ramesh and Shanti. Suddenly Dayal is murdered by Prakash and Chanchal and in order to escape from the blackmails of Prakash, Chanchal murders him one night. However the police arrest Shanti for the murder of Prakash. The court also finds her guilty. But at the end when almost all the advocates refuse to stand up for Shanti, Ramesh exposes the truth. Chanchal accepts her crime and Ramesh and Shanti live happily ever after.

Director: Subodh Mukerji
Producer: Sasadhar Mukherjee
Music: S. D. Burman
Main Cast: Dev Anand, Nutan, Yakub, Shobha Khote… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Filmistan
Release: 1957

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