Full Movie: Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan l Biswajeet, Naina Sahu l 1967

Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan l Biswajeet, Naina Sahu l 1967

Synopsis : Mohini Saxena is the only child in the Saxena household, which consists of her Professor dad, Kishanlal, and bed-ridden, ailing mom. She is a medical student, quite free-willed, and friendly with everyone, including young men. And it is for this reason that she has a fainting spell, which when diagnosed results in a pregnancy. Kishanlal is devastated, all the more when his wife finds out and dies suddenly. Alone, and with a pregnant daughter, who is expelled from college, Kishanlal attempts to find out who the father is, for Mohini has decided not to reveal the name of the father. Is he their neighbor’s son, Bipin Bose with whom Mohini was quite friendly with? Or is he, Ravi Kumar Mehra, the son of wealthy Amarchand Mehra, Kishanlal’s business partner, with whom Mohini spent quite a few romantic moments? or is it some other young man that Mohini has been seeing on the sly. Watch what transpires as the hapless Kishanlal attempts to plead with Mehras and Boses’ in an attempt to ensure a better future for his now black-listed, visibly pregnant, daughter.

Director: Kishore Sahu
Producer: Kishore Sahu
Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Main Cast: Biswajeet, Nazir Hussain, Rajinder Nath, Jankidas, Helen, Mridula, Naina Sahu… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Kishore Sahu Productions
Release: 1967

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