Full Movie: Lohe Ke Haath l Javed Khan, Anuradha Patel l 1990

Lohe Ke Haath l Javed Khan, Anuradha Patel l 1990

Synopsis : Newly wed, Gayatri (Anuradha Patel) arrives at her mother in laws house along with her husband Loknath. When her mother in Law sees that Gayatri has brought no dowry, she gets furious and decides to kill Gayatri the very same night. The wicked mother in law prepares to set Gayatri on fire as Loknath watches on. She is saved by Loknath’s friend Triloki who later on intoxicates her and rapes her. A shattered Gayatri runs away to kill herself but is recruited into a woman’s cult that fights atrocities against women. Gayatri transforms into a mean killing machine and swears to take revenge on the people responsible for ruining her life. Gayatri’s becomes an outlaw that puts her in the top of wanted list. Inspector Avatar Singh takes up the case where he must put his past relation with Gayatri to rest and perform his duty.

Director: S. S. Arora
Producer: S. S. Arora
Music: Usha Khanna
Main Cast: Javed Khan, Anuradha Patel… more
Genre: Action
Release: 1990

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