Full Movie: Angulimaal l Nimmi, Bharat Bhushan l 1960


Angulimaal l Nimmi, Bharat Bhushan l 1960

Synopsis : Born on an inauspicious occasion in the household of Rajpurohit and his wife, the Rajjyotish predicts that this child will grow up to be a brutal killer. The region’s Maharaja is asked to have the child killed but he cannot do so until and unless a crime has been committed. A number of elders, including Archarya, decide to impart positive thoughts and learning in him, as well name him Ahinsak (non-violent). He then departs to live in the Gurukool along with three other children, Maruti, Dhanpal, and Krishna. Ahinsak impresses everyone both in studies and sports. Years later, Archarya may be forced to take back his words when he finds Ahinsak has broken rules to stay away overnight with Rajkumari Mayadevi, without permission. The Archarya misgivings will gather more ground when Ahinsak gets into a fight with Maruti and injures him badly. As if that were not enough, he again breaks the rules and is punished. But the worst is yet to come when Archaya will be told that his wife, Gurumata,…

Director: Vijay Bhatt
Producer: Vijay Bhatt
Starcast: Nimmi, Bharat Bhushan, Anita Joshi, Chandra Shekhar, Achla Sachdev, Manmohan Krishna, Helen, Ulhaas

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