Full Movie: Kachche Heere l Feroz Khan, Reena Roy l 1982


Kachche Heere l Feroz Khan, Reena Roy l 1982

Synopsis : Lukka Thakur is a notorious bandit in rural India, and no one has dared oppose him. He is befriended by Kamal Singh Thakur, who assists him carry out his gruesome tasks, even when it comes to killing his own brother, and the abduction of his nephew, who is to be killed as a sacrifice. Unknown to Lukka and Kamal Singh, the abductor of the nephew has a change of heart, does not kill the child, but instead adopts him. Years later, the nephew has grown up, and is out for vengeance. On the the other hand, are five Bombay-based gangsters, who have been successful in robbing a Bollywood film-maker, Prakash Mehra, and have hidden the loot nearby. It remains to be seen if these bandits will be another hurdle for the nephew, or will he use them as his weapons to overthrow Lukka and Kamal Singh.

Director: Narendra Bedi
Producer: N. P. Singh
Music: R. D. Burman
Main Cast: Feroz Khan, Reena Roy, Mac Mohan… more
Genre: Action
Release: Feb 12, 1982

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