Full Movie: Beqasoor l Naseeruddin Shah, Aruna Irani l 1980


Beqasoor l Naseeruddin Shah, Aruna Irani l 1980

Synopsis : Sunil Verma works as an Assistant with Professor Jagmohan Sinha, a Scientist. After Jagmohan conducts a successful experiment, which will benefit India, there is an accident and Sunil loses his vision. Jagmohan, his daughter, Varsha, and her finance, Dr. Anand Bhatnagar, undertake to look after Sunil and make a number of efforts to restore his sight – all in vain. Then Jagmohan gets abducted, and his kidnappers want the formula so that they could sell it to other countries for a profit. The Police Commissioner assigns this matter Inspectors Ajit and Shekhar, who meet with Sunil, Varsha and Anand. Then three homicides take place, that of Khatri, his wife, and Deepa, Anand’s Secretary. Both Ajit and Shekhar suspect Anand, and accordingly confront him, but he denies any involvement in these killings. The question remains: Who killed these three, and will Jagmohan be ever found alive.

Director: B.P. Harisinghaney
Producer: B.P. Harisinghaney
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Aruna Irani, Anil Dhawan, I.S. Johar, Raj Mehra, Vijay Arora, Chandrashekhar, Mac Mohan… more
Release: 1980

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