Full Movie: Gaman – गमन (English Subtitles) l Smita Patil, Farooq Shaikh l 1979

Gaman – गमन (English Subtitles) l Smita Patil, Farooq Shaikh l 1979

Synopsis : Ghulam Hussain (Farooq Sheikh) a Lucknow based poor man comes to Bombay in search of better living and prosperity. He leaves his wife Khairun (Smita Patil) and his ill mother back home. He meets his old friend Lalulal Tiwari (Jalal Agha), with Lalulal’s help, Ghulam gets a job of taxi cleaning and later, after learning how to drive, he starts driving a taxi. He works hard day and night but still does not save enough money to take care of his mother and wife. Even Lalulal is struggling to have a decent life in Bombay from so many years. Lalulal loves Yashodra (Gita Siddharth) and to marry her he needs to buy a decent apartment in Bombay, but is not able to buy one, and stays in a hut in Bombay’s slum area. But fate has its own way. The slum area is going to be demolished by Bombay Municipal Corporation (B.M.C). With all these day to day tention and hard work, Lalulal and Ghulam try to survive in Bombay, waiting for their dreams to come true. Will they come true or will it end in a bad way or the life will be going on and on in the routine hard work way?

Director: Muzaffar Ali
Producer: Muzaffar Ali
Music: Jaidev
Main Cast: Nana Patekar, Smita Patil, Farooq Shaikh, Satish Shah… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1979

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