Full Movie: Geeta Mera Naam l Sunil Dutt, Sadhana, Feroz Khan l 2000

Geeta Mera Naam l Sunil Dutt, Sadhana, Feroz Khan l 2000

Synopsis : After her husband passes away, Saraswati, who leads of life of near-destitution, takes over the responsibility of looking after their four children, two sons, Suraj and Chandu, and twin-daughters, Kavita and Geeta. She takes them to the fair where Suraj has a monkey tattooed on his arm, while Chandu is getting his arm tattooed, Suraj returns to his mom and gets her to buy him a toy monkey. Then bandits attack, abduct Suraj, while Kavita and Chandu are separated, leaving Saraswati alone with Geeta. Years later all four children have grown up. Suraj now calls himself Johnny and is an underworld don, who makes wax statues of people who betray him and beats up others who do not laugh at his jokes; Chandu has been adopted by a childless couple and is now a Police Inspector; Kavita is now Neeta, who has been adopted by a devious couple, who have sold her to a man named Mohan; while Geeta is a rough-and-tough woman of the streets, who makes a living through petty crime and is known to the Police. The paths of the four are fated to collide when Neeta is arrested by none other than Chandu for killing Mohan, and Geeta, when she finds out Neeta’s real identity, takes it upon herself to find out who Mohan’s real killer is – not knowing that this will throw her in the arms of a smuggler named Raja, as well as force her to confront Raja’s boss – none other than Johnny himself.

Director: Sadhana
Producer: Atam Prakash
Music: Laxmikant-Pyarelal
Main Cast: Sunil Dutt, Sadhana, Feroz Khan … more
Genre: Action, Drama
Release: 2000

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