Full Movie: Deen Aur Imaan l Rehana Sultan, Tabrez l 1979

Deen Aur Imaan l Rehana Sultan, Tabrez l 1979

Synopsis : Maqsoon was the beloved son of a jeweller Manzoor Ahmed and Nazima was the good and pious daughter of Maulvi Basheeruddin. The jeweller and the Maulvi were bound by the deep bonds of friendship. They had determined to turn these bonds into permanent ties of relationship by the marriage of their son and daughter. After their marriage Nazima’s father went on the pilgrimage, Manzoor Ahmed had a heart attack and breathed his last. Nazima’s marriage to Maqsood had caused a great shock and disappointment to Khursheed Begums’s friend Rahima whose only desire in life was to get her daughter married to Maqsood. In her frustrated desparation she started making plans to ruin the life of Nazima. With the help of Jabbar, a car driver, she succeed in poisoning the mind and heart of Khursheed Begum and thus turning her against Nazima by making her believe that Nazima was unlucky, barren and a woman of bad character. As a result of this one day when Maqsood had gone out of town Khrusheed Begum kicked her out of house. Nazima was helpless and had no other option except committing suicide. But fortunately she was saved at the nick of time by a young man named Nadeen who not only saved her life but brought her to his mother and sister who willingly offered her shelter in their house. After some time Nadeem’s mother came to know that Nazima was pregnant and when Nazima tried to explain that she had committed no sin her pleas were not heard & she was driven out in disgrace. Now poor Nazima could not even die. She had to survive for her unborn child. She began to do odd jobs and thus tried hard to maintain herself. One day she had been chased by two scoundrels who wanted to violate her chastity. Now she was really afraid that if the Divine help failed to come in time to rescue her she won’t be able to protect her chastity and everything would be ruined and destroyed forever for her.

Director: A. Shamsher
Producer: Mohan T. Gehani
Music: Shyam Ganshyam
Main Cast: Rehana Sultan, Tabrez… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1979

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