Full Movie: Be-Imaan l Manoj Kumar, Rakhee l 1972


Be-Imaan l Manoj Kumar, Rakhee l 1972

Synopsis : Mohan has abandoned his love, on the eve of his engagement. On the run, he turns into a safe-breaker and thief. Beimaan means untrustworthy. Mohan lives up to the moniker through his actions. In saving Meena from a bunch of thugs, her father, Thakur Ram Singh in gratitude, adopts the fugitive and calls him Lala, with affection. During a chance encounter with Seema, Mohan pretends to be someone else.Why did Mohan turn into a thief and safe breaker? The reasons involve two police officers, who are forced to make hard choices between their lives, their child’s life and the call of duty.

Director: Sohanlal Kanwar
Producer: Sohanlal Kanwar
Music: Shankar-Jaikishan
Main Cast: Manoj Kumar, Pran, Rakhee, Prem Chopra.
Genre: Social
Release: 1972

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