Full Movie: Agent 1-2-3 l Bindu Indira, Master Ram Krishna l 1983

Agent 1-2-3 l Bindu Indira, Master Ram Krishna l 1983

Synopsis : Kitti, Radha and Somu are close friends. Kitti is the son of the government advocate. Radha is the daughter of Police Superintendent Prabhakar, and Somus father is a judge. The three children are confident that their parents would definitely listen to their just arguments and oblige because they love their children immensely. . Malini is the teacher to these three school going children. One day they see Malini trying to commit suicide by jumping in the river. The three children save Malini from committing suicide. Malini says that she was engaged to be married to sub-inspector Murli, but ifve conmen i.e. Dharamjyoti, Karamchand, Jumboo, Jamal and Bahadury Kutty put the blame of murder of the I.G.P. on Murli whom S.P. Prabhakar arrested, public prosecutor argued the charge of murder and the judge ordered the death penalty. The three children after hearing about the true facts from Malini resolved to get justice for Murli from their fathers They argue with their fathers who turn out their fathers. They argue with their fathers who turn out their requests laughingly. The three children come to Malini and tell her that when the elders do not listen to the first cause, the children should take upon themselve to solve the problem. They take a vow avenge the wrong doers and set free Murli uncle. The three children with the help of dog Tiger and monkey. Anju go in search of the real culprits.

Director: Geeta Priya
Music: S. N. Tripathi
Main Cast: Bindu Indira, Master Ram Krishna… more
Genre: Action
Banner: Uma Chitra Mandir
Release: 1983

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