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Review: White Squall (1996)

Directed by: | 129 minutes | , | Actors: , , , , , Ryan Phillippe, David Lascher, Eric Micahael Cole, Jason Marsden, , , , , ,

In education programs “Sweeties”, “Supernanny” and for teenagers “That She Will Learn” we see on television every week what today’s youth need: discipline. Director Ridley Scott can handle this subject. Discipline is what movies like “G.I. Jane “and” Gladiator “. He made “White Squall” before these blockbusters, but it is certainly much more than an exercise in which he tackled the same theme before.

Now the Albatross is not such a bad place to be taught. The big sailing ship sails around the Caribbean and Skipper Sheldon is not really strict. His rules are simple: an order is an order and you have to follow it. Sheldon also attaches great value to cooperation as you have to operate as a team on a large ship. Of course the boys grow closer with the occasional incident involving a whore, good girls and a dolphin. And so the boys grow up under the inspiring leadership of Sheldon and his crew.

Obviously, the viewer already feels it coming: happiness is being tested. A rare white whirlwind hits the sailboat and this catastrophe causes deaths. And only then does it become clear whether the boys are made of the right kind. Although this is very predictable, it gives the an extra dimension. In the aforementioned Scott films “G.I. Jane “and” Gladiator “also turn out to be the main characters stronger than they initially thought of themselves.

Actor Jeff Bridges played many different roles in his long career. He shines in this paternal, sympathetic role of the captain. You don’t get everything you see. Despite his kind appearance, he seems to make difficult and unsympathetic decisions just as easily. Scott Wolf made his breakthrough in the 1990s with his role in the youth series “Party Of Five” and was seen as a great talent. We have heard little from him in recent years. Despite Ryan Phillippe’s supporting role, he seemed to be developing more towards A status. Whether that is because of his marriage to Reese Whiterspoon or his acting, let’s just leave it in the middle.

The Albatros’ journey – passing Cuba and the Galagapos Islands – is not only impressive for the boys on board, but also for the viewer. Not to mention the beautiful sailboat-in- pictures. The high waves, the warm sun, the tropical rain showers and a strong wind, you would almost sign up for a year on the Albatros. All in all, not such a crazy way to grow up.

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