Review: Italian Stallion – The Party at Kitty and Stud’s (1970)


Directed by: Morton Lewis | 71 minutes | drama | Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Henrietta Holm, Jodi Van Prang, Nicholas Warren, Frank Micelli, Barbara Strom, Janet Banzet

Worthless garbage of an abominable quality, whereby only the prominent role of Sylvester Stallone has any curiosity value. Originally released under the title “The Party at Kitty and Stud”, but after Stallone’s career took off, it was renamed “Italian Stallion”.

Director Morton Lewis (and the word “director” should be taken in its broadest sense here) shows some fairly isolated scenes, where the people being filmed (the word actors should really be avoided) naked over each other. roll. Even within the soft porn genre, which usually does not have a high standard in film art, this product is of a regrettable level. It’s actually inconceivable that such crap was ever brought to the market and the only reason for a DVD release is the presence of the later superstar Sylvester Stallone. He is the “Stud” of the title and was reportedly paid $ 200 for this film. For that money, he doesn’t have to do much more than be muscular, walk around and roll on the ground with a woman in his arms, but it’s quite conceivable that he later regretted ever participating in this. His girlfriend is called Kitty (Henriette Holm), but it is another female voice who provides the voice-over commentary and explains why it is so nice to do it with Stud.

“Italian Stallion” is hardly guilty of dialogue. It would be silly to draw parallels with later movie roles, like John Rambo, in which Stallone didn’t say much either. What remains is mainly the non-verbal communication, which is expressed by Stallone, among other things, through a scene in which he beats his girlfriend with his belt. Very unpleasant to watch, mainly because of the message that it is very exciting. There is also a lot of dancing to incredibly bad music, which – together with the enormous bushes of pubic hair that is often zoomed in on – gives an era of the seventies of the last century.

About the only plus is that “Italian Stallion” is much shorter than the average animated film and only lasts a little over an hour. That is far too long for a mess like this. It is an achievement in itself to watch the movie in its entirety. Only intended for the brave and for people who are extremely curious to see Sylvester Stallone naked frontally. Anyone else: skip please.

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