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Review: Trash Humpers (2009)

Director: | 94 minutes | | Actors: , Harmony Korine, , , , , , , , ,

The masked man tenderly grasps a flower. Full of admiration and with a loving look, he contemplates the beauty of nature. However, no emotion of any kind speaks to his dull eyes. The mask with which he has dressed himself, that of his bald old man, is anonymous and shapeless. After all, the friends of this loner wear the same face. Then the man tears the flower from the ground, takes it in his mouth and makes quick movements. This bright fellatio is good for him. That is just another scene from the almost one and a half hour long cabinet of curiosities called ‘Trash Humpers’.

What inspires the makers of this to record an hour and a half of this kind of nonsense remains a . Adult men and a woman, wearing latex masks of elderly men, frolic happily and commit sexual acts on branches, garbage bags and dumpsters. A masturbation scene with a branch alternates with a clip in which a primary school student beats a doll with a hammer. It then zooms in on two men making suggestive movements on a garbage bag, followed by a short scene with a rather wooden dancing lady (with mask). Shortly after, you see two obese men, dressed only in hospital clothes, tied together by tights.

The first fifteen minutes is still special, because you expect a story. In vain. This nonsense is the reason that people have no problem with cutting back on art. It makes no sense, is ugly (the film has the quality of a much-watched VHS tape including stripes) and aimless. Disjointed scenes follow one another and dialogues consist of crazy neighing that is supposed to be laughter and one liners that are repeated over and over. This is ‘Jackass’ with pretensions and no jokes. Or you have to lie double around a fragment in which suggestive actions with flowers, branches and lamp posts are performed. In addition, this shit has no soundtrack.

‘Trash Humpers’ will undoubtedly be artistically intended. This type of film is understood by (almost) nobody, but critics will love it because they can talk about it intellectually with colleagues. In sentences. Probably monologues such as “The nihilistic way of thinking of the current generation is portrayed by means of an ugly film in which the degradation of modern society is central” and “Civilization is just a thin layer of varnish and mankind is busy with nature. to dishonor ”yield. So be it. This kind of hysterical nonsense is the reason you have to pay more for concert and cinema tickets. Boycott this bite. The only star that deserves this nonsense is a pitcher.

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