Review: Hair salon Romy (2019)

Hair salon Romy (2019)

Directed by: Mischa Kamp | family, comedy, drama | Actors: Vita Heijmen, Beppie Melissen, Noortje Herlaar, Bianca Krijgsman, Guido Pollemans, Aus Greidanus, Rick Nicolet, Anna Raadsveld, Wendy Riksen, Delilah Araujo Silva, Edwin Termaat, Joke Tjalsma, George Tobal, Maurits van den Berg, Conny Wilhelmus

“I used to think I knew everything and Grandma was stupid. But I didn’t know anything.” Ten-year-old Romy has to go every day against her will to nanny-grandma Stine, who is busy with her hair salon and is becoming increasingly forgetful. she becomes increasingly confused and it turns out that she has Alzheimer’s.​ Slowly the two grow closer when it turns out that they need each other.​

‘Hair Salon Romy’ is the perfect example of a family film suitable for both children and adults. In fact, go to this movie together. Many people in their environment are affected by Alzheimer’s and ‘Hair Salon Romy’ could provide good support. For children it is very confusing to see someone change like that and it is therefore touching to see how young Romy deals with it . She seems to be able to assess the seriousness of the situation, but continues to maintain a certain down-to-earth look that is so characteristic of children. If there is a problem. can we just solve that?​​

The chemistry is palpable between the young actress Vita Heijmen, who plays Romy endearingly and tough, and the experienced Beppie Melissen. ​’Hair Salon Romy’ shows that even something as terrible as Alzheimer’s can have a positive side. Stine changes from a strict Calvinist woman into a sensitive and vulnerable free bird. Yet the film also shows how intense it is to change and become dependent on everyone around you. Who are you when a part of you seems to disappear? Stine goes back to the core and back to where she came from. The ending of ‘Kapsalon Romy’ is very fitting and moving.​

There are moments in the film that are somewhat gooey, such as the clichéd shopping scene where Grandma and Romy adjust crazy clothes and accessories with cheerful music in the background. Cheesy, but on the other hand it also fits well into the whole and is diametrically opposed to the severity of the disease.​

‘Kapsalon Romy’ is a film adaptation of the book of the same name written by Tamara Bos. It is a moving story that evokes not pity, but compassion. The situation is dire but all three women (Romy, her mother and her grandmother) show how resilient they are. Mischa Kamp (known from ‘The Horse of Sinterklaas’) once again manages to make an endearing and adventurous family film that is suitable for a very large audience.

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