Review: Big Daddy (1999)


Big Daddy (1999)

Directed by: Dennis Dugan | 95 minutes | drama, comedy | Actors: Adam Sandler, Joey Lauren Adams, Jon Stewart, Rob Schneider, Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Steve Buscemi, Kirsty Swanson, Josh Mostel, Leslie Mann, Allen Covert

‘Big Daddy’ is a typical Adam Sandler movie. He has some very funny moments now and then, but they are too rare to make it a real hit. The story is simple and unbelievable, but that doesn’t matter much in such a comedy. The role of the boy is played by the twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse, Cole is best known as Ross’ and Carol’s son Ben from the comedy series ‘Friends’. There are scenes where the twins’ acting doesn’t seem convincing. Makes sense, they’re only six when the film is shot, so what can you expect. But unfortunately you can clearly see, for example, that the scene where Julian cries heartbreakingly is not real.

Apart from that, the actors are well cast. Joey Lauren Adams plays nice, only her voice irritates now and then (reminiscent of Jennifer Tilly’s hoarse voice). However, the role of Steve Buscemi is masterful. He does many supporting roles in Adam Sandler films, including ‘The Wedding Singer’, ‘Billy Madison’ and ‘Mr. Deeds’. In ‘Big Daddy’ he plays a homeless person and he has nice one-liners. Allen Covert has also worked with Adam Sandler before.

The way Sonny deals with Julian is not very educational, but sometimes funny. For example, he knows how to use a newspaper in various ways and teaches Julian that cans of Spaghetti O’s are cheaper if there is a dent in them (by dropping them yourself). He also thinks that tripping skaters is the height of humor, but opinions will be divided on that. The film occasionally gains momentum, as seemingly insurmountable problems are solved in one scene. The ending of the film is less predictable than you’d expect, which is a plus.