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Review: A Child’s Soul (2010)

Director: | 14 minutes | , , | Actors:

The opening titles of the short ‘Une âme d’enfant’ start very melancholic, with compassionate guitar about a montage of home video images of small children. But it is certainly not a heavy film. A kind of magical-realistic, Amélie-like atmosphere seems to be pursued, but this is only gradually being achieved.

It is quite funny to see how the adult protagonist still behaves like a small child, smearing mashed potatoes on her lips, looking inside people unabashedly, or working bread with an iron, but unfortunately the eccentric humorous tone wears off quickly. .

The things that the woman does are simply not so very special or funny that it remains interesting for the entire film (a paltry 14 minutes). A monologue by her sister, a walk in a forest where nothing happens, but where she looks around very anxiously, the overhearing of conversations of couples and friends from a distance, it all doesn’t interest much. Even an undoubtedly endearing confrontation with a little boy on a pebble beach who lends the protagonist a hug to comfort her in her nightmares remains fairly plain in meaning and emotions.

What could have been a funny, or at least special film experience, is simply a collection of events in the life of a childlike, simple woman. Sec and without added value.

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