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Review: You Will Find It (2011)

Directed by: Jessie de Leeuw | 17 minutes | short film | Actors: Eva van der Gucht, Roy Aernouts, Ludo Busschots, Jaak van Assche,

Very sweet short movie, about Cilia (Eva van der Gucht). She has a boring life in a small supermarket behind the till, and fills her day with dreams of a glamorous existence. One day she is shaken up by a nice, sleepy boy (Roy Aernouts), who asks her which milk to choose. Because of him she realizes what she wants in life and she decides to pursue her dreams, as well as to hunt the cute boy. But that turns out to be even more difficult than it seems. Will she find her happiness?

Cilia also escapes difficult situations by daydreaming, and those dreams are always funny cut-scenes in “You Will Find It”. These are short moments in which Cilia goes through life as a Broadway singer. The moments are always the same, not too daring dreams, while even more fantastic scenes can very well be placed there.

The clichéd story is very nicely performed by Van der Gucht and Aernouts, both of whom are so uncomfortable with love in their roles that it is touching. It’s a short love musical, which is certainly cute but could have been a lot more. has also just graduated from the academy, and has already received awards, so that’s one to keep an eye on!

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