This Netflix movie is at the top of the most viewed on the platform and is an intense and suffocating odyssey on the high seas

Streaming platforms like intense, direct movies that keep us glued to the screen for an hour and a half. This is the case of ‘ Nowhere ‘, an exclusive Netflix production that makes the most of the possibilities of a claustrophobic environment and constant danger. A minimalist thriller with its small political reading and that has risen without problems to number one of the most viewed films in Spain on the platform.

Here we will meet Mía, a pregnant woman who flees from an authoritarian country in a maritime container, in the company of her husband. However, circumstances cause the container to end up falling into the sea, with her alone inside. Only her ingenuity and courage will save her from drowning, in a closed environment that gradually lets the water in, so her hours are numbered.

With a script based on a real experience by Indiana Lista and Tamar Novas, it is clear that the entire weight of the film rests on Anna Castillo, winner of the Goya on two occasions (for ‘El olivo’ and ‘La llama’) and nominated in other two. On this occasion she literally gives her all in a role in which we will see her under terrible pressure practically from the first minute.

But all that would be of no use without someone at the controls who manages to maintain the viewer’s expectation. Albert Pintó, director of ‘Malasaña 32’ and ‘Matar a Dios’, and whom we have also seen behind the cameras of ‘La casa de papel’ and ‘Sky Rojo’, is in charge of that. Great credentials if you’re looking to hold your breath for as long as possible. In case the algae.

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