Full Movie: Wrong Number 2003 |Suspense & Thriller Movie| Rakesh Bapat, Praveen Dabbas, Yash Tonk

Wrong Number 2003 |Suspense & Thriller Movie| Rakesh Bapat, Praveen Dabbas, Yash Tonk

Director : Jignesh V. Vaishnav
Producer : Manoj Chaturvedi, Sanjay Chaturvedi.
Writer : Rakesh Prasad
Music : Daboo Malik
Year : 2003
Cast: Rakesh Bapat, Praveen Dabbas, Yash Tonk, Richa Pallod, Rinku Ghosh, Vrajesh Hirjee, Tinnu Anand, Benjamin Gilani, Narendra Bedi, Mangal Kinkare, Smita Oak, Sanjay Sharma, D.P. Sharma, Sweety, Krishna Bansal, Nishi Singh, Raj Tilak, Suresh Singh, Tej Sapru, Daboo Malik.

Synopsis: Mahi Mathur is a beautiful college student like to enjoy the life with her friends. She has a group of jovial students like Karan, Arti, Monti who always make people fool by telephone calling. One day a boy Raj entrapped by their wrong number call and came to meet with them. But Raj is more intelligent than they thought. Mahi falls in love with Raj. Karan also loves Mahi but could not expressed his feelings to Mahi. Mahi’s father Dr. Mathur is a Prof. of Psychology in the college who has another stpe son Aditya, a police officer. Although Aditya thinks that Dr. Mathur is responsible for his social agony but Mahi likes him as her elder brother. One day while Mathur was taking online class with his student Arti someone killed him. Arti saw the killer’s face in webcam. Before disclosing the name, the killer murdered Arti. Aditya investigate the case and suspect Karan since Dr. Mathur rejected his scholarship in spite of having good result. Arti’s gambler uncle recovered the webcam record and find out the killer. He tries to blackmail him subsequently get murdered. At the time of murder Monti took an accedental snap of the killer and discovered that the killer is a known person. Now the killer tried to finish Monti also. Aditya saves Monti and send him to hospital. The killer finally attack Mahi. He revealed that he was a psychological patent and has a dark past.

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