Full Movie: Tu Nahin Aur Sahi l Pradip Kumar, Kamkum l 1960

Tu Nahin Aur Sahi l Pradip Kumar, Kamkum l 1960

Synopsis : He Sacrificed every thing in the world to please her, to make her his own. But she, in return ruined his family, degraded him in the eyes of people, deprived him of his bread, and pleasently walked out of life only because he was too poor, too simple and too innocent. She created walls for him instead bridges and when left all alone in this cruel world the only way out to him was “Revenge”. He decided to take revenge with woman. He tried to be bad, cruel, opportunist, black-mailer, but during that unbalabced and quaverring perios of his life he had forgotten that woman was his mother and sister too, that woman too like men could be good as well as bad. This awakening came to him only because of a woman in his life, another woman who knew that behind his rough and frustrated Mask lived an honest and sincere Man.

Director: Brij
Music: Ravi
Main Cast: Pradip Kumar, Kamkum… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Radhika Chitra
Release: 1960

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