Full Movie: Thodisi Bewafaii l Rajesh Khanna, Padmini Kolhapure, Shabana Azmi l 1980

Thodisi Bewafaii l Rajesh Khanna, Padmini Kolhapure, Shabana Azmi l 1980

Synopsis : This is a story of Arun(Rajesh Khanna) and Neelima(Shabana Azmi) who were in love with each other. There is a lot of ego clashes between Arun and Neelima and they both decides to go to the court for solution. The court decides that they will stay seperately until their kid turns 14. Arun can meet his son only on sundays. Inside she feels that her husband had betrayed her. But Arun loves her very much from inside. He misunderstands her that his wife has an extra marital affair which leads to all confusion. MEan while she understands that her husband’s house is much sweeter even though there were sorrows. Neelima realises her mistake and decides to go back to her husband but she has an ego problem and does not go to his house. Arun always loved Neelima and always wanted to come back and stay with them. In the end their kid meets with an accident and his last wish before operation was to see their parents united again. Arun and Neelima re-unite again and operation goes successful and the entire family live happily after.

Director: Esmayeel Shroff
Producer: Nand Mirani, Srichand Asrani
Music: Khayyam
Main Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Padmini Kolhapure, Shabana Azmi, A. K. Hangal… more
Genre: Drama
Release: Jun 13, 1980

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