Full Movie: Tarzan Aur Jadui Chirag l Azad, Suneeta l 1966


Tarzan Aur Jadui Chirag l Azad, Suneeta l 1966

Synopsis : The tribals living around had no courage, not even the beasts, to trespass the thick forest where Tarzan lived. Physically a man he was, but a beast by nature. And Mala had to transform this ferocious human being in to a normal man. Tarzan and Mala were despertely in love with each other. As the daughter of the chief of the tribe she was, she knew the law of the tribe. She who loved any one outside the tribe was destined to be burnt to death. . Udaesingh, the raja of Shyamnagar and Bingofong, the Chinese Wizard, were in search of the famous Lamp of the famous Aladin. At the same time, Rai Bahadur, Raja of Rainagaran was in search of a hidden treasury. Both these parties would have succeeded in their respective goals had not Tarzan obstructed them by force. They become friends and launch efforts to kill Tarzan for their mutual interest. They throw him in the den of Rhinoceres, shoot him with several guns at a single time, but Tarzan survives. Then the wizard uses all his evil forces but Tarzan comes out unhurt and un harmed. To thier dismay, they come to know tha tTarzan is in possession of Aladins wonderful Lamp whereupon they reveal the love of Tarzan and Mala to the tribal chief. Tarzan and Mala are arrested and ordered to be put in to the well of fire when a fearfu voice is heard. Cyclope, the one eyes Monster appears and starts killing people. Taking advantage of the panic and commotion, Udaesingh and the wizard run towards the hut of Tarzan toget the Lamp while Tarzan breks his chain and rushes to fight with the monster. At the same time, Rai Bahadur kidnaps Mala as he had an evil eye on her.

Director: Babubhai Mistry
Music: Shafi, Shaukat
Main Cast: Azad, Suneeta… more
Genre: Action
Banner: Unique Pictures Corp.
Release: 1966

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