Full Movie: Tan Badan l Govinda, Khushboo l 1986

Tan Badan l Govinda, Khushboo l 1986

Synopsis : Ravi(Govinda) is spoiled son of Deewan Devendra Pratap. He is in love with a girl called Kamini and wants to marry her. But Deewan saab is against this marriage. He wants him to get married to Gauri(Khushboo), the daughter of his closest friend Thakur Shamsher Singh. Gauri is very very innocent village girl. Although she is grown up, she does not know the meaning of marriage and the relationship between wife and husband. Unfortunately in our society there is no proper sex education to the children and sometimes that leads them to many complications. Meanwhile Deewan Devendra Pratap and Ravi have a very hot argument on marriage issue. Seeing the condition of Ravi getting worsened Deewan Devendra Pratap decides for a very strange will and the same ngiht he is murdered.

Director: Anand Chitragupt
Producer: Anand Chitragupt
Music: Anand-Milind
Main Cast: Govinda, Khushboo, Raj Kishore, Raj Mehra… more
Genre: Drama
Release: 1986

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