Full Movie: Sweekar Kiya Maine l Vinod Mehra, Shabana Azmi l 1983

Sweekar Kiya Maine l Vinod Mehra, Shabana Azmi l 1983

Synopsis : Gopika Sharma lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with her widowed mother in Bangalore. She expresses a desire to sing and is encouraged by her maternal uncle, Dubey, who takes her with him to Bombay along with her maid, Lajjo. Once there, they are molested and Dubey goes missing. They then attempt to find a decent place to live, and after many frustrations make an agreement with a single male, Kishankumar Shukla, who poses as Gopika’s husband, and move into an apartment owned by Lala Dhaniram. Eventually both Kishankumar and Gopika fall in love and get married. Shortly after the marriage, Gopika finds out that Kishankumar is already married to Ujjain-based Radha, who is now deceased, has a daughter, Shashi, and decides to leave him. Kishankumar goes to Ujjain to meet Shashi and is informed that she is and his in-laws have passed away in an auto accident. He returns to Bombay, and finds that Gopika is ready to move in back with him provided he accepts her son from a previous relationship which she had not disclosed to him. Will Kishankumar accept her son?

Director: Zaheer D. Lati
Producer: S. M. Kothari
Music: Usha Khanna
Main Cast: Vinod Mehra, Shabana Azmi… more
Genre: Drama
Release: Sep 30, 1983

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