Full Movie: SURAJ AUR CHANDA 1973 | Classic Dramatic Movie|Sanjeev Kumar, Meeta, Bindu|

SURAJ AUR CHANDA 1973 | Classic Dramatic Movie|Sanjeev Kumar, Meeta, Bindu|

Director : Madhava Rao
Producer :
Writer :
Music : Laxmikant – Pyarelal
Year : 1973
Cast: Sanjeev Kumar, Meeta, Bindu, Sujit Kumar, Sajjan, Jairaj, Laxmi Chhaya, Jagdeep, Mukri, Krishnakant, Ram Mohan, Lalita Kumari, Kamal, Hercules, Mona.

Synopsis:Suraj is a medical student, supported by his elder brother, Chand, an accountant in a private firm. Kiran is the haughty daughter of a wealthy businessman. Chand labours at work, and provides private tuitions after working hours so his brother not only goes to medical college, but also to save money so Suraj can go abroad for specialisation. This is a promise that Chand made to his deceased parents, and he is well supported in this aspiration by Kamala, his wife.Suraj has been raised in an atmosphere of indulgence and love by his brother and sister-in-law; who live a lower middle class life, so that Suraj can realise his dreams.Mohan is a barrister who had been previously engaged to marry Kamala.Dharmendra plays his role as Suraj with his characteristically successful “angry young man” bit as well as the “lover boy” with credibility and verve.Chhaya as Kiran – the spoilt hoity toity daughter of a wealthy man acts with refined restraint throughout the movie.Ashok Kumar as Chand is eloquent and is credible as a loving older brother.The storyline draws on the social evils of dowry, status of the family in marriage considerations and the role of a widow in the family. Considering it was 1964 when the movie was made, widow remarriage was not looked upon favourably. Today in 2014, while in urban India things may have changed, rural India still has pockets of these lingering social ills.A great movie to watch, even in monochrome. Most of the film is shot in studios, so not much of the Bombay of those years is captured on film, but the few location sequences gives the audience a view of Bombay as it was. All in all, highly recommended.

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