Full Movie: Suraj 1997| Action Movie|Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Jhulka, Suresh Oberoi

Suraj 1997| Action Movie|Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Jhulka, Suresh Oberoi

Director:T. L. V. Prasad
Producer:Narottam V. Purohit
Main Cast:Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Jhulka, Suresh Oberoi.
Release:Jun 27, 1997

Synopsis: Ridhima (Manjula), an executive from Delhi-based pharmaceutical company visits a remote village in AP to make a deal on patents with a professor Krishna rao (lakshmi ratan) who invented a new drug. The professor leaves a note that he would return late as he had to attend some urgent work and she shall wait for his arrival. At that time Madhav Rao(surya), a junior advocate who supervises the event of patent selling arrives at that place. Ridhima is a fun loving unmarried girl and she have a boy friend called sanjay. Madhav Rao is frustrated about his profession which he doesn’t like and he was a depressed married guy because of his taunting wife sudha. In the lonely professor’s resort they become friends. Then to kill some time ridhima asks madhav that she will give her month’s salary Rs.30000 to anyone who entertains her at least an hour. Then madhav makes a prank on her acting as a psycho which hurts ridhima but they initially cope up again and she came to know that madhav once tried in acting for five years but he failed to achieve in his career and became a junior advocate. Then to kill some time madhav gives an idea to make a play of a husband and wife which is going to divorce. But ridhima doesn’t show any interest on the play but she accepts because to kill some time until the professor comes. But the play stops by madhav which hurts him because of disinterest of ridhima on the play. After that Ridhima appoligise to madhav he eventually accepts then madhav makes a lavish lunch which is full of favourites of Ridhima. After lunch ridhima says that she can’t act then madhav encourages her to build a confidence to make her act then they starts the same play again.According to the play they name them selves as sandya and subba rao who are going to discuss about their relationship which makes a patch up or going to an end on that resort. While in the acting Madhav remembers her wife sudha’s words coincidentally spoken by sandya it frustrates him more. Slowly he came out from the play and he feels that it was going real and argue with her seriously. Then finally in the heated argument sandya confess that she is loving Sanjay and he is also waiting for her then madhav asks about his son shambu then frustrated sandya replies to die both of them in a well. It makes madhav angry and beats sandya mercilessly then madhav confess his love on her how he compromised with his life for her. Then Ridhima realize it is not a drama and understands that madhav became crazy and understands that his love on his wife. Then Madhav tries to commit suicide then to stop him Ridhima tries to make him realise that it was a drama by clapping on him for his acting and the show became an end. Then madhav come back to his senses and realise what he had done and apologise her for his foolish action then she praise his acting talent. Then the film ends on that they laugh aloud not bothering about the world which has been observing by the professor who came late to the home.

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