Full Movie: Subha O Sham 1972 | Dramatic Movie|Sanjeev Kumar ,Waheeda Rehman,Mohamad Ali Fardin

Subha O Sham 1972 | Dramatic Movie|Sanjeev Kumar ,Waheeda Rehman,Mohamad Ali Fardin

Director : Tapi Chanakya
Producer : Sanjeev Kumar … Naseer
Waheeda Rehman Waheeda Rehman … Shirin
Mohamad Ali Fardin Mohamad Ali Fardin
Writer : Kaushal Bharati (dialogue), Som Haksar (dialogue)
Music : Anand Bakshi,Asha Bhosle ,Kishore Kumar,Lata Mangeshkar,Mohammad Rafi.
Year : 1972

Cast : Sanjeev Kumar ,Waheeda Rehman,Mohamad Ali Fardin

Synopsis:Aarun lives a wealthy lifestyle in Tehran, Iran, along with his widowed mother, a younger brother, Naseer and his wife, Afzaan. One day he gets to witness a song and dancer number by an alcoholic Indian concubine, Shirin, and is attracted to her. Later, he is introduced to her, and also comes to her rescue as well as escorts her home. They meet again and fall in love with each other. Aarun attempts to fool his mother into believing that Shirin is an Indian Rajkumari from Bhilghad but not for long as his mother finds out the truth and forbids him from seeing her again. He and Naseer secretly arrange a lavish wedding, but on the day of the marriage, Shirin shows her true colors and refuses to marry him. Angered at this, he gets married to Nazneen, and re-locates to Ehwas. Years later, Nazneen has given birth to a son, Romil, and Aarun has no knowledge of Shirin’s whereabouts. When Aarun is invited to attend the birthday of Romi’s friend, Razaaq, he accepts the invitation, arrives at his house, and is shocked to find Shirin there in the company of Naseer.

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