Full Movie: Station Master l Jagdish Sethi, Prem Adib l 1942

Station Master l Jagdish Sethi, Prem Adib l 1942

synopsis : Usha lives a poor lifestyle with her widowed father, Parmanand, who is the Station Master of Rangpur Railway Station in India. She is smart, intelligent and educated, and is expected to marry someone of equal status. A railway employee, (Pointsman), Kalicharan, would like Usha to get married to Niranjan, who is the DTS of Indian Railways, and this will ensure that Kalicharan’s son will also get employed with the Railway. Both Kalicharan and Parmanand approach Manikbabu, another Railway employee, who wants his semi-senile daughter, Shyama, to marry Arun, a Guard with the Railway. Soon Niranjan’s sister comes to see Usha, approves of her, and goes home to make preparations for a marriage. But Usha has fallen in love with Arun, wants to marry him, and refuses to marry Niranjan, who is twice as old as her and a widower as well. Usha’s decision has an adverse effect on all the local rail employees, and as a result no one is able to avert an accident that takes place between an express and a goods train. Watch what happens when the Government orders an Inquiry into this incident, and the effect this will have on the lives of all railway employees – some or all of whom may be found guilty and may face imprisonment.

Melodram by a stunt-film director. The story feature various characters employed in a small railway station. Arun, a new guar, loves Uma, the daughter of the old station master. Through the machinations of a clerk to the district traffic superintendent, their marriage cannot take place. The clerk wants his own daughter to marry Arun and he persuades the superintendent, a widower to marry Uma. Umas tragic life is woven into a railway accindent for which the station-master is held responsible until an investigation acquits him. Aruns injury sustained in the event brings all the subterranean intrigues into the open.

Director: C. M. Luhar
Producer: Prakash
Music: Naushad
Main Cast: Jagdish Sethi, Prem Adib… more
Genre: Social
Release: 1942

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