Full Movie: Shola Aur Shabnam l Dharmendra, Sulochana l 1961


Shola Aur Shabnam l Dharmendra, Sulochana l 1961

Synopsis : Shola aur Shabnam is a love triangle of Ravi, Prakash and Chanda. Ravi and Chanda are childhood friends and can’t live without each other. But they get separated as a result of Chanda’s father’s transfer. Many years later Ravi (Dharmendra) bumps into Prakash (M. Rajan), his childhood friend looking for a job. Prakash instantly gives him a job. Meanwhile , Prakash is planning to marry Chanda – the very same Chanda who is waiting for Ravi. Ravi comes to know that Chanda is no one else but his own childhood beloved . But for his friend -cum-boss’s happiness Ravi decides to sacrifice his love. Will destiny allow Ravi to do this ?

Director: Ramesh Sehgal
Producer: Ramesh Sehgal
Music: Khayyam
Main Cast: Dharmendra, Sulochana, Mubarak, Tarla.
Genre: Social
Banner: Parijat Pictures
Release: 1961

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