Full Movie: Shaitanon Honeymoon 1998 l Full Horror Movie HD l Charan Raj, Dolly Minhas


Shaitanon Honeymoon 1998 l Full Horror Movie HD l Charan Raj, Dolly Minhas

Director : S R Rajan
Producer : Purushottm
Actor: Charan Raj, Dolly Minhas
Date: 01 January 1998

Synopsis: Shaitano Ka Honeymoon begins with Charan Raj of Pratighaat fame enthusiastically off with his gorgeous new wife to the hills of Ooty to enjoy their honeymoon but just as they enter what looks like a very ominous jungle with bats and snakes peeking out from behind the shrubbery, their car comes to a mysterious halt. Charan Raj discovers that they axel has snapped and though his wife is thoroughly irritated they soon come upon a fairly well-kept Haveli attended to by a mother and son pair who give them shelter and put them up in one of the several rooms. Dolly Minhas takes an instant dislike to the old lady even though she appears to be nothing but helpful and welcoming and Ganga, her son helps out with errands and farms some of the adjacent land and wears a particularly resplendent moustache a little on the lines of the most impressive gods. The next day the jungle seems to be quite bereft of trees and thick undergrowth allowing Charan Raj and Dolly Minhas to perform a sizzling synchronized dance before returning to the Haveli/Guest House where once again the mysterious old lady takes care of their needs and explains to Charan Raj a little bit about the history of the Haveli built by some old Raja Sahib to help those who happen to get lost in the forest. Clearly a man of keen foresight. All seems well and after a steamy lovemaking session thing start to go south as Dolly screams upon seeing a ghost prowling outside singing a lament about how wretchedly life has treated her like a path full of thorns. Charan Raj tries to pacify his wife and goes out to find the ghost and tell her to tone it down a bit but he doesn’t have much success. This ghost unlike many others in the genre doesn’t wear anklets thus making following her even more difficult than usual. To his dismay he returns a little later to find that Dolly is missing and is most befuddled. However, it seems he waits until the next morning, changes his outfit and then returns to his search in daylight but his efforts don’t bear fruit and Dolly seems to have vanished into thin air.