Full Movie: Sati Naari 1965 – Devotional Movie – B&W | Anita Guha, Manahar Desai

Sati Naari 1965 – Devotional Movie – B&W | Anita Guha, Manahar Desai

Director: Pankaj
Producer: Ram Gopal
Music: Shivram
Main Cast: Anita Guha, Manahar Desai.
Genre: Devotional
Banner: Roopesh Productions
Release: 1965

Synopsis: Dancer Ranbha was raped by Gandharv while she was performing a dance in the holy sabha of the Almighty God Brahmma. Considering that Gandharv is not fit for a Devta, he was sent to earth by God Brahmma and other Devtas. Gandharv forgot his previous life and was sheltered in a Aashram. Gandharv was named Kapil. . Kapil falls in love with Rajkumari Malavati. They both got married inspite of Hindrances by Devtas. Malavatis step mother turns a vamp, With the result Malavati leaves the Raj Mahal for the sake of her husband. A mountain of diffculties comes in the way. Her Husband beomes blind. Her father, the only shadow for her, expires. She gives birthe to a child, when there is no house, no caretaker. . Time is passed. She along with her husband and son leaves to take bath in the water of holy Ganga on a paritcular day of “Samavati Mavas” with the confidence to get the light of the eyes back for her husband. She was just to reach to Ganga Maa. She was very happy. But suddenly this happiness turned in to tears.

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