Full Movie: Sangram ( English Subtitles) l Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Shashi Kapoor l 1950

Sangram ( English Subtitles) l Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Shashi Kapoor l 1950

Synopsis : A son is born to a police man after some years. Unfortunately, his wife dies after giving birth to a child. Thakur fulfills every wish of his son and he grows up into an arrogant, spoilt brat. After growing Raja (Ashok Kumar) goes to Lucknow and runs an illegal casino. Police raids casino, a bullet gets him on his hand, but he some how runs away from police. While on the run, Raja meets his childhood sweet heart Kanta [Nalini Jaywant]. First they dont recognise each other. When everything is fine, Pyarelal [Nawab] re-enters his wife & blackmails him. Soon, the police get to trace Raja. When raja realised this, he runs away, taking kanta along with him.but Raja is arrested and is put behind the bars. In the mean time, Kanta gets married with some one else. When Raja comes out of jail and realised this, he is furious. He kidnaps Kanta and carries her to casino dancers’ house. Due to jealousy, the casino dancer tries to inform the police about Raja. Raja kills her too. Kanta, his own beloved is scared of him now. Raja wants Kanta at any cost. Will police be able to catch Raja? Meanwhile, the police traces him, when they ask him to give up he threatens to kill Kanta. Just then, his own father comes around. What will Raja do now? Will he surrender to the police or will he continue to do what he likes?

Director: Gyan Mukherjee
Music: C. Ramchandra
Main Cast: Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Shashi Kapoor, Sajjan, Chaman Puri, Burhanudeen… more
Genre: Action
Banner: Bombay Talkies
Release: 1950

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