Full Movie: Sampoorna Devi Darshan l Sushma, Aashish Kumar l 1971


Sampoorna Devi Darshan l Sushma, Aashish Kumar l 1971

Synopsis:Princess Tara also was cleaver,religious minded and a great devotee of Maa Ambe.Her Parents were trying her marriage
with some prince.But who can challenge the fate ? Tara got married to a famous Dacoit named Chandra.”Paap”lord of sin,appeared at that very time and said that Chandra’s life is only for one year more and Tara who had been challenging paap in all her previous births.Will be defeated this time also.Tara takes up the challenge and at the feet of the Maa Ambe,takes a vow to immortalise the soul of her husband and defeat Paap.She lives all the pleasures of her life and start with her husband for sampoorna devi darshan to make the soul of her husband free from sin.From this moment,the tussle between Tara & Paap starts.The decision of Tara upsets Paap & Ambe.Tara moves successfully forward and forward.But that moment arrives which meant the end of Chandra’s life.Tara was on the lap of her last pligrimage,the temple of Maa Ambe.Paap with the help of Yamraj,takes away the life of Chandra.There is all around darkness before Tara.She was weeping of her misfortune and Paap was laughing on his victory.Now what ?

Star Cast: Sushma, Aashish Kumar, B.M.Vyas,Padma Raani, Sheri Mohan,Suman,Shobha,Rajeshwari,Daya Devi,Prem Lata,Shamsher Singh, Arvind Pandya,Dilip Dutt,Uma Dutt,
Director:,Shantilal Soni
Year: 1971

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