Full Movie: Saheb Bahadur 1977 | Dramatic Movie| Dev Anand

Saheb Bahadur 1977 | Dramatic Movie| Dev Anand

Director:Chetan Anand
Music:Madan Mohan
Main Cast:Dev Anand, Priya Rajvansh, Ajit, Asrani.
Genre: Drama
Banner:Himalaya Films

Synopsis:In a small town, situated in a picturesque Indian valley, lives a corrupt Deputy collector, Hare Murari, an equally corrupt Police Superintendent, Pasupathi; a doctor; a Judge; & Professor Rampyare. These officials always ensure that no one gets anything done without their permission, thus ensuring that their palms are adequately greased. When a young man named Prem Pratap seeks a license for conducting a song and dance sequence, he too is asked to bribe them, which he does. Subsequently, Hare Murari finds out that Prem Pratap may be a Government Official who has come incognito to investigate and expose them. Hare Murari’s and the others worst fears are realized when they find out that Prem has been speaking long distance with none other than the President of India. What follows is hilarious chaos as the officials come together to try and portray themselves as honest and law-abiding citizens.

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