Full Movie: Sahara l Meena Kumari, Manoj Kumar l 1958


Sahara l Meena Kumari, Manoj Kumar l 1958

Synopsis : Leela (Meena Kumari) is an orphan and stays with her paternal uncle (Badri Prasad) and aunt (Leela Mishra) while they arrange for their daughter Kaushalya’s marriage. The landlord selects Leela to be their daughter in law. Leela goes to her in law’s place Badlapur, but her husband Chhote Thakur (M.Rajan) doubts her character and makes her leave the house. The actual fault lies with his sister Janani, who loves Shamu (Manoj Kumar). Shamu doesn’t like Janani’s this step and argues with her. Thakur listens to the same and kills Janani. He then searches for Leela. On the other hand, Leela falls into the trap of Gaman Singh (Kanhaiyalal) & Swarupbai (Kuldeep Kaur), who give her shelter but make her beg for alms by making her blind. Time passes and she yearns to be a mother. Luckily, Gaman Singh and Swarupbai bring in a boy Panna (Daisy Irani) and make him beg too. Soon Leela & Panna develop a lovely mother-son relationship. They cannot live without each other. But once Panna becomes seriously ill and the doctor demands more money. Leela goes to Seth whom she had given her money as savings. Seth refuses to give her the money but finds that Panna is none other than his own son. Panna also happens to be the son of Leela’s cousin Kaushalya. The doctor fails to cure him as he wants only his mother Leela. Seth and his mother – in – law, that is Leela’s aunt ask for Leela’s forgiveness. Finally Chhote Thakur also succeeds in finding Leela and takes her back to his home as his bride.

Director: Lekhraj Bhakri
Music: Hemanta Mukherjee
Main Cast: Meena Kumari, Manoj Kumar, Kanhaiyalal, Badri Prasad, Leela Mishra… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Tasveeristan
Release: 1958

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