Full Movie: Sagar Sangam 1988| Dramatic Movie| Mithun Chakraborty, Shatrughan Sinha, Nana Patekar


Sagar Sangam 1988| Dramatic Movie| Mithun Chakraborty, Shatrughan Sinha, Nana Patekar

Director:Dulal Guha
Producer:Dulal Guha
Music:Bappi Lahiri
Main Cast:Mithun Chakraborty, Shatrughan Sinha, Nana Patekar, Utpal Dutta
Genre: Drama

Synopsis:The film starts at Mirzaganj in year 1962 where Ganga Devi (Raakhee) and her husband Ramnath Shastri (Nana Patekar) who has court case against him. Having son, Ganga Devi stays out of court to hear the decision against her husband. Nattu observes Ganga Devi who is nearby and asks Ganga Devi to search milk for her kid. Ganga leaves him alone at the bench, Meanwhile Nattu kidnaps the baby boy. As Ganga returns, she couldn’t find her son, cries in vain. Nattu brings her son to Chaganlal (Prem Chopra) who is not really a good man but his wife Yashoda (Asha Parekh) didn’t like this business her husband was doing. She takes a decision to be the guardian of the baby boy. His name is kept as Gopal (Mithun Chakraborty) Yashoda leaves home with Gopal. Gopal goes to school. Suddenly Chaganlal who changed his name to Dayal Das comes to Devipur. He observes Yashoda along with Gopi. He threatened Gopi, takes Yashoda with him leaving Gopi alone. As Ramu Ustad come to know about Gopi, he gives him shelter. He would become the Godfather of Gopi. As Gopi grows up, he becomes a thief under lesson of Ramu Ustad. Senior inspector Arjun Sharma (Shatrughna Sinha) arrests Gopi under robbery. As Gopi has to go out of town and not to be seen again. He goes to Devipoor. After, he enters Devipur, he meets Radha (Padmini Kolhapure) and asks the address of Devipur Mandir Dharamshala. He asks for shelter there. As he has been made tadipaar from Mirzaganj. Ganga Devi who runs Dharmashala with the help of Subhadra (Anita Raj) they come to know, and they won’t allow him to stay there. He returns to the police station. The inspector Samsher Singh (Johny Walker). Subhadra comes to help Gopi and he was allowed to stay at Dharamshala mandir. Radha’s father Vithukaka (Satyen Kapoo) wants to marry his daughter with Gopi, although his character is not good, and he hates Gopi, but Radha, likes Gopi. Jaishankar knows Pagal Baba (Sudhir Pande) who is after Dayal Das and his men to watch the business and their whereabouts. He is killed by Dayal as man. Because of that Arjun Sharma the most elegant inspector posted at Devipur. As he comes, he assures Ganga Devi he will look after goondas. Again he meets Gopi. At first he dislikes him…but, after Subhadra tells the story of Gopi and as he knew about Pagal Baba both come together. Birju Prasad Chaudhary (Utpal Dutt) friend of Dayal Das comes to Devipur. He meets Ganga Devi, Ganga Devi doesn’t know the corrupt mind of Choudhary. He stays with them. Gopi finds his mother Yashoda. Even as he is happy, he could not tell that he is her Gopi. Choudhary’s business is to make poisonous injection from snakes, enters mandir but Ganga Devi has lot of faith. After all Gopi comes to know who is his father, but he can not express it. Ganga Devi becomes widow. Arjun finishes Dayal Das and his men.

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