Full Movie: Rustam Kaun l Malika, Mumtaz, Randhava & Soudagar Singh l 1966


Rustam Kaun l Malika, Mumtaz, Randhava & Soudagar Singh l 1966

Chand and Suraj, hunters by profession, reach a village where they stay in a hotel. . During this stay Chand comes in contact with Chandni, the Daughter of a hotel owner, eventually, they fall in love. . This hotel was frequently visited by a Doctor whose abode was the jungle. He used to bring eggs with him and were then sent to the city by his men. . One day, Chand, Chandni and Suraj go for hunting in the jungle. They were accompanied by two guides also. As fate would have it while hunting they enter the Valley of death. The guides succeeded in escaping and reached the hotel where they narrated the capture of Chand Suraj & Chandni. Dilawar who had befriended Chand during his stay in the hotel, was present there. He dicides to go and help Chand out of the trouble. The Sardar of the jungle announces a sentence of death for Chand, Chandni and Suraj. . Due to the intervention of the docotor the sentence was changed to a fight between Chand and the jungles muscle man. Chand defeats apponent and earns independence. . The daughters of the Sardar Juwala and Reshmi both fall in love with Chand and start meeting him seperately. Doctor who loves Chandni decides to get rid of Chand through Nisha, who had got entangled with the doctor. But the doctor fails to do so. . Nisha was the friend of Juwala. One day, Nisha brings Chand to Juwala room, Chandni comes to know and goes there. She becomes sad at the things she sees thers. She runs away from there while running she becomes tired and falls on the road. Doctor sees this and picks up Chandni and takes her with him.

Movie :- RUSTAM KAUN 1966
PRODUCER :- Amritlal Jaiswal
DIRECTOR :- Dharam Kumar
CAST :- Malika, Mumtaz, Randhava & Soudagar Singh

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